{ go d fucKI NG all i want to do is fucking relax with my laptop and eat my sandwich and try to convince myself to NOT make any more rp blogs and my friEND COMES BARGING OVER LIKE “HEY LETS HANG OUT”

                NO. I DON’T WANT TO HANG OUT. GO AWAY. }



this was like two years ago

but anyways so in this one part of my house there’s these three steps but omg they’re deadly

one time i was eating cereal and i slipped and fell and passed out and my cereal got everywhere. My sister said the last thing I yelled before I passed out was



i’m not ashamed of this anymore this is real this is me

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we’re not obligated to write with someone if we don’t want to.

we have standards and if someone doesn’t meet them, it’s nothing personal. everyone wants the effort they put into their writing given from the other party as well.

bad grammar, bad characterization of a canon muse, an oc in poor taste or anything that doesn’t appeal to a writer is a no-go.

this is a hobby. don’t overwhelm a roleplayer and make tumblr a chore for them. let a writer respond to who they want when they want — it’s their blog and although they cater to you as an audience, their joy is important as well.

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                                        [ i love you ]

                                       but sometimes

             i want to bash your head into the fucking wall

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"There’s a woman in.. an erotic picture.. who haS MY PHONE.

                                       I’ve grown extremely uncomfortable.”

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      { the sass with this one is strong—

                     i wanna make a merida ugh i really shouldn’t }

{ frostedxmischief

     "Is your hair naturally that white?" Anna asked. "My sister’s hair is just like that!"


Nowhere near what I’d hoped it’d be. But It’ll do! 

I hope you guys like.

Don’t mind the crappy lighting and half assed background!


he’s exploring the taste of her
arousal, so accurate
he sets off the beauty in her

I saw this cute little Regency-era bra and was totally charmed by it. Kristoff was, too.



     { stop me.

        stop me right now before i make a mackenzie zales blog.

                                                         i’ve already got a url saved. }


imagine your icon pulling up their blanket and accidentally punching themself in the face

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Title: Miss Jackson Knows What You Did In The Dark

Artist: Fall Out Boy; Panic! at the Disco

Played: 352457 times


//Just saw this video of Hans and Anna and I think the lyrics match perfectly Hans. Congratulations for the person who made this because is really amazing!

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do iiiit i mEAN I MEAN /SLAPS YOU

     { you aren’t helping oh my god }

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