Did anyone ever make the connection that, because Olaf is a continuation of Elsa and her powers, that his fascination with Summer and “warm hugs" could be Elsa’s longing for it?

I have a feeling that the cold did bother Elsa, no matter what she may believe herself. Because if Olaf is implied to be a part of her, he would manifest her inner desires: keeping Anna safe, being there for her, and getting away from the cold. 

Elsa really distanced herself from Anna and her parents. Over time, especially as a little girl, she would of grown to resent not just herself, but the thing that destroyed her life in the first place, her powers. Elsa probably only dreamed of warm weather, of feeling the sun on her skin—there have been a few headcanon’s going around that she was most likely cold to touch. After all, having ice constantly itch under your skin would probably have that effect.

Elsa put all her desire of warmth into Olaf. She put her inner hatred for her magic into Olaf. He wanted the summer because Elsa hated the cold.

The cold may not have bothered her physically, but emotionally? It got to her, and we see that, not in her calm exterior, but how Olaf wears his heart on his sleeve.

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